Easy closing for frozen products packaging

Frozen foods become a part of our daily lives because they are convenient, economical and retain the flavour of fresh products. Today, 96% of French households eat frozen products.
To reclose the frozen products’ packaging, Etik Ouest offers an easy closing system: the Reclosed Frozen Products solution. Discover this convenient and smart solution.

Easy closing for flexible frozen packaging: products better preserved!

Depending on the frozen product, there are different kinds of packaging. Reclosed Frozen Products, such as Chips, frozen meals and vegetables, are often packaged in flexible bags. Some bags are pre-cut for an easy opening but there is no easy closing.

Based on this observation, Etik Ouest has developed an easy closing system for flexible frozen food packaging: the Reclosed Frozen Products’ solution.
It allows a better packaging of your frozen products and it can be made in the same material as your packaging to form a single material. This makes recycling easier!


Reclosed Frozen Products

Reclosed Frozen Products: how to use the easy closing system 

Reclosed Frozen Products is THE resealable solution for PE or PET/PE bags containing frozen products. After opening the top or the corner of the packaging, the consumer helps himself by pouring and recloses the bag by folding it back on itself and clipping a semi-rigid non-adhesive hook onto another hook positioned on the opposite bottom part of the packaging. The bag will not risk an accidentally opening in the freezer and the hooks prevent the need to use pliers to close the packaging. Easy and convenient, Reclosed Frozen Products is THE answer to the challenges of frozen food packaging!


You are looking for:

  • an easy resealable system for your frozen products’ packaging?
  • A resealable packaging that promotes recycling?

Reclosed Frozen Products is THE solution! Do not hesitate to contact us!