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Up’n Bag Solution

Up’n Bag is an opening and reclosing solution for packaging that works as “wipe” label system. The food packaging label placed on the packaging always opens and closes on the same area. This solution makes possible to create all possible forms of opening on…

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Up’n Bag Clic® Solution

Up’n Bag Clic is a system that works as the Up’n Bag solution (“wipe” opening and reclosing system), but the difference is that it allows to leave the label open. The label consists of a thicker material and a custom cut that keep the label open without holding it…

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Easy open and close labels Solutions 

Etik Ouest is specialized in the design and the manufacturing of industrial food labelling solution allowing openings and easy reclosings of bags, punnets or other packagings. Our R*D service design your label by respecting the specifications and meeting your customer’s need. There are many solutions which can be adapted themselves to your packaging including with a custom-made system…

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