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Etik Ouest and sustainable development

Environment preservation and sustainable development represent concerns
that we work daily to make the future be better for us as for our children.

Protecting environment

Eco-responsible labels to promote the recycling of packaging.

We are committed to offer you environmentally friendly products.
With our suppliers, we are constantly looking for eco-responsible materials whose environmental impact is under control.

“Low migration” inks

The use of “low migration” and “low odour” inks makes it possible to meet expectations in terms of consumer health safety.

Waste reduction

Etik Ouest, employees are sensitized on sorting instructions and limitation of waste.
The improvement of the manufacturing processes also contribute to limit the use of energy and to reduce production waste.
The integration of a digital press, in 2019, has significantly reduced the waste of raw materials.

Eco-responsible actions

Etik Ouest want to implementate eco-responsible actions in favour of energy or of environment.
The company are certified Qualétiq’, a label of quality and progress for manufacturers of adhesive labels, manufacturer we are also in process of being Imprim’Vert certified.

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