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Reclosed Powder Paper Solution

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Characteristics of easy reclosing labels for paper packaging containing powdered products

You are looking for an opening and reclosing system for your paper packaging?
Reclosed Powder Paper is the solution!
This system offers convenience to your packaging while remaining environmentally friendly as it also made of paper.

After having opened the top of the bag, pour or help yourself with a spoon, then reclose the packaging by folding the bag over itself and clipping the semi-rigid hook onto a positioned on the other side.

This Reclosed Powder Paper opening and closing system is adapted for powdery products such as sugar, flour, coffee, detergent, etc.

The advantages of reclosable paper packaging

Reclosed Powder Paper fits on:



Reclosed Powder Paper is the reclosing solution for paper bags containing powdery products, such as flour, sugar, etc. After having opened the top or the corner of the package the consumer helps himself with a spoon or by pouring, then recloses the bag by folding it over and clipping a non-adhesive semi-rigid hook onto another hook positioned on the opposite side.


  • Food industry or others
  • Powdering products (sugar, flour, coffee, detergent, etc.)
  • Packaging: Flat bottom flow pack, Doypack, Double fold flat bottom bag, Quattro seal

Industrial advantages:

  • Mono-material recyclable packaging
  • Innovative and fun marketing
  • Differentiation of your product. An improved comfort for consumers
  • The product integrity guaranteed
  • Functional packaging until there is no product anymore


  • The bag is closed by a non-adhesive mechanical snap system, without any risk of pollution by a powdery product
  • The folding of the bag on itself ensures that there is no risk of leakage
  • Preservation of the contents in their original packaging
  • A progressive reduction of the volume of the bag

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