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Up’n Mono-Material Solution

Up’n Mono-Material adapts on:


Responsible solutions

An opening and reclosing solution and a packaging built with only one material
The Up’n Bag and Up’n Maxi systems are evolving in order to consider the environment. They were eco-designed in cooperation with packaging’s professionals for bags and trays.
Now our opening and reclosing solutions, at the end of their life cycle, provide an environmentally sound treatment by promoting recycling.


  • Mono-material paper: every dry products (or moist products if paper with PE).
    Paper’s benefit : recyclability. Drawback: the bag tears completely when it is opened. Solution: Up’n Bag and Up’n Maxi to deal with an easy opening and reclosing without any tool and without damaging the bag.
  • Mono-material PE: PE is a recyclable material which recycled goods are used in France.
  • Mono-material PP: recyclable when PP is advised.
  • Mono-material PET: recyclable when PET is advised.


  • Opening without tool
  • Simple or multiple opening and reclosing
  • Practical pouring
  • Preservation of the contents in its original packaging

Industrial advantages

  • Functional packaging until there is no product anymore
  • Preservation of the packaging process. No loss of yield
  • Customization possible according to your graphic charter