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Easy open & close labels Solutions

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Characteristics of the easy open and close labels

Discover our easy opening solutions designed for packaging. These easy opening labels are suitable for products like rice, pasta or grains. These resealable labels make it easy to open the package safely.

Characteristics of the easy opening and closing labels with reseal

Discover our easy to open solutions for bags. These easy to open labels with reseal are suitable with all solid products: biscuits, pasta, rice, cereals. They allow consumers to help themselves and reseal your packaging while retaining freshness and food favour, and while keeping your packaging’s attractive facing: It is the ideal easy open system for design packaging.

Advantages of easy open and close labels

Advantages of easy open and close labels with reclosure

Applications :

  • Appropriate for dry of fresh products
  • Adapted to bags closed by rolling or any kind of bag
  • Non-tearing opening system
  • Adapted to all kinds of packaging film

Description :

  • Tamper evidence to guarantee the first opening
  • A pull up tab
  • An untearable removable part to ease the opening and reclose easily
  • A permanent part with multi cuttings to secure the whole label

Advantages :

  • Easy to open
  • Several reclosing
  • Adapted to any papers or films
  • A high speed applying

Applications : 

  • Adapted to all kind of products
  • Reclosing of the bag after the first opening with repositioning the label

Description : 

  • A pull up tab
  • A repositionable part

Advantages :

  • Enables the reclosing of a packaging
  • Eases the preservation of the product after the first opening
  • Can be adapted to all kinds of packaging
  • No modification of the facing of your packaging

Easy open and close solution in video

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