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Easy open and close label,

Up’n Bag Clic Solution

Etik OUEST PACKAGING - ouverture fermeture de sachets / labels open and reclosed

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Characteristics of the Up’n Bag Clic easy opening and closing solution

You are looking for a practical and economical label for your packaging? Etik Ouest offers you its range of Up’n Bag Clic opening and closing labels!

This easy opening and closing solution offers the possibility of pouring easily with one hand, without the risk of polluting adhesive. To open the packaging, just pull the label, which causes the pre-cut film to slip away. Then, the system maintains an open position thanks to the lockable hinge, designed to pour cleanly.

This reclose label is particularly adapted for dry and fresh products such as dried fruits, confectionery, etc…; but also for industrial products.

It preserves freshness and crispness of products. The Up’n Bag Clic solution is compatible with several shapes of packaging.

The advantages of resealable packaging with an easy-open label

Up’n Bag Clic fits on:



Up’n Bag Clic is an opening and reclosing solution for bags or trays. Thanks to the thick material used for the special locking system, the pouch or container can be kept wide open. That means you can easily pour special locking system, the pouch or container can be kept wide open. That means you can easily pour with only one hand without any pollution of the adhesive labels.


  • Agri-food industries or others industries
  • Dry of fresh food products (for example : dehydrated fruit, sweets, pulses, cakes,…)
  • Adapted to all kinds of bags (doy pack, quattro seal, flow pack…)

Industrial advantages

  • Innovative solution
  • Product differentiation to stand the competition
  • Easy-to-use system from children to seniors
  • Easy customisation with your own logo and brand name


  • Easy to open
  • Various reclosingpossibilities
  • Self-locking hinge to keep the bag wide open
  • Easy to pour or pick the product with only one hand
  • Preservation of content (airtight, barrier)

Up’n Bag Clic in vidéo

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