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Up’n moving Bag Solution

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Characteristics of the easy opening and closing adhesive labels 

You are looking for a functional and practical label for flexible packaging? Etik Ouest offers you a range of Up’n Moving Bag opening and closing labels! A solution that guarantees easy use.

This opening and closing label has an adhesive strip that can be detached to create an opening on your packaging. This one closes in on itself: so smart!

The easy opening and closing label, Up’n Moving Bag, suits to all products, whether they are dry, fresh, wet or greasy. It allows for an optimal preservation of the contents in their original packaging.

Up’n Moving Bag is a functional and economical opening and closing solution, it is attractive for consumers and becomes indispensable for your packaging! This adhesive label matches your packaging, no matter its shape.

The advantages of easy resealable packaging

Up’n Moving Bag fits on :


Solution :

Up’n Moving Bag is an easy opening and reclosing solution. You juste have  to release the wide and comfortable cut to open than it allows to pour or to take the product. Around the opening, an adhesive zone keeps the bag close.

Application :

  • Dry, fresh, moist, fat products
  • All types of packaging film (PEPP, OPP / PE, PET, CPP…)
  • All industries combined

Functionalities :

  • Opening without any tool
  • Closure of the bag by folding it
  • Easy and comfortable picking and pouring
  • Reduction in the size of the bag as the product is used up
  • Preservation of content in its original packaging

Industrial advantages : 

  • Innovative packaging
  • Functional packaging until product exhaustion
  • Hermetic system and barrier
  • Packaging marketing preserved
  • No transformation on the packaging lines
  • Rate of bagging maintained
  • The most economic opening and reclosing system

Up’n Moving Bag in video

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