Up’n Spout Solution 

Video of Up’n Bec Verseur

Up’n Bec Verseur fits on :



Place in the bellows of the quattro seal bag, the spout allows to open the packaging without tools (scissors, knife… etc) and to pour the product cleanly and comfortably, you only have to press on the spout with one finger and to reclose the bag until next use.


  • Agri-food industries or others industries
  • Dry, fat, powdery products (for examples : dried seeds, snacking, confectionery, cereals…)
  • Exclusively for quattro seal bag


  • Opening without any tool
  • Easy and very comfortable pouring
  • Preservation of content in its original packaging

Industrial advantages 

  • Hermetic system and barrier before the first opening
  • Functional packaging until product exhaustion
  • No transformation on the packaging lines
  • Customization with respecting the marketing identity
  • Playful packaging