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Up’n Bec Verseur Solution 

Placed in the bellows of the quattro seal bag, the spout allows to open the bag without tool (scissors, knife etc.) and to pour the product properly and comfortably. A light push with the finger is enough for closing the spout until the next use.

 Up’n Bag Solution

This solution allows the opening and the reclosing of the bag. As the “wipe” label solution it adapts to packagingsw with all forms of openings and it offers the possibility of pouring or of taking the product. Up’ n Bag is a safe bet for the typical flow pack packaging!

Up’n Bag Clic Solution

Up’ n Bag works as the “wipe” opening and reclosing solution. This label offers a method of opening and reclosing for flexible packaging limited by a hinge:  all forms are possible! As Up’ n Bag is economic and practical that makes it the ideal choice for your packagings…

Up’n Maxi Solution

This system allows to generate an opening with the shape and the size that you choose. It is enough to pull downwards the label to open the bag until the weld. The Up’ n Maxi solution provides the possibility of taking or of pouring food; it leaves no residue when the bag is empty. It closes and opens any time will until the bag is finished.

Up’n Maxi Plus Solution

Most of the bags pillow in OPP are impossible to open by hand without tearing. Up’ n Maxi Plus is an economic and discreet system that allows to generate easily a big opening to take out products and also allows to reclose the packaging for a better preservation…

Up’n Moving Bag Solution

Do you look for a flexible packaging with an easy opening that makes you able to pour with only one hand? Up’ n Moving Bag is the solution! It is enough to remove the adhesive tongue to take or to pour the product. You only have to bend the bag over to reclose it again…