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Up’n Maxi Paper Solution

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Characteristics of easy open & close paper labels

For a 100% recyclable and functional paper packaging, choose Up’n Maxi Paper. This paper opening and closing system makes it possible to obtain an ecological mono-material packaging.
It is very easy to use: Simply pull the grip tab up and then the slot, pre-cut in the paper, spin on both sides and stops in the weld of the package. The closing is very easy: You just have to fold down the paper label!

This Up’n Maxi Paper opening and closing label is adapted to small flexible packaging. It is used to preserve dry products such as rice or pasta.

The advantages of the reclosable paper label

Up’n Maxi Paper fits on:



Up’n Maxi Paper is a system that allows you: to open your paper packaging easily and without any tool.

This system, integrated in your paper bag, allows you to pick up the product, to pour or to help yourself.


  • Food industry or others
  • Dry products
  • Packaging: Flow pack, Doypack, Quattro seal

Industrial advantages:

  • Mono-material recyclable packaging
  • Hermetic system and barrier before the first opening
  • Functional packaging until there is no product anymore
  • Unmodified bagging process
  • Customization possible according to your graphic charter


  • Tool-free opening
  • Easy closure
  • Convenient pouring
  • Preservation of the contents in their original packaging

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