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Up’n Box Solution 

With Up’n Box the tray is easy to open in all circumstances : no risk of leakage, and no risk of non reclosable coat. The “wipe” opening solution Up’n Box is put on the lid opercule and cut by Etik OUEST. When you receive the reels at home, there is no change in the process, machine layout or pace reduction. The lid no longer needs to be peelable and can be welded thoroughly without the usual doubts for production and marketing… This food contact repositionable adhesive label is the best solution for your trays!

Up’n Rain® Solution 

Up’n Rain is a repositionable adhesive food contact label declined from the Up’n Box. It offers the possibility for the consumer to sprinkle on the principle of a salt cellar…

Dosing Solution

To allow the consumer to dose the contents of its packaging, with no need of a measuring tool. The label sticked on the packaging comes off to form a graduated container as a measuring cup…