Up’n Turn Solution

Up’n Turn in video

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Up’ n Turn is a repositionnable label which allows the packaging with piled products to be opened and reclosed. The volume of the bag adapts itself to the remaining products during closing. The very wide opening allows to take out products contained in the very adjusted flow pack cover comfortably.


  • Agri-food industry and other industries
  • Piles products in a flow pack bag
  • Especially suitable for cheap flow pack bag


  • Practicality of the packaging
  • Gripping easy reclosure 
  • Preservation of content
  • No risk of inconvenient tear of the bag in spite of the big opening

Industrial advantages 

  • Low cost of the packaging, cheaper than a zip
  • No transformation on the manufacturing lines. No loss of yield
  • Innovative solution, product differentiation to stand the competition
  • Customisation with respecting the graphic chart and the identity
  • Guarrantee the integrity of the product until consumption.
  • Ensuring security of the first opening and use of the unbroken bag up to the last product