Up’n BOX Solution

Up’n Box in video

Up’n Box fits on :

  • TRAY / BOX


Up’n box makes the use of trays and lidded boxes easier by offering unrestricted opening and closing. Thanks to a hinge, the tray keeps wide open and makes consumers to pick up the products comfortably. The tray is reclosed just by putting back the system, which replaces the cover.


  • Agri-food industries and other industries
  • Dry and fresh products (grainy, powdery, in pieces)


  • Convenience of the packaging
  • Preservation of content
  • A clean “one hand” consumption
  • Easy-to-use system from child to senior

Industrial advantages 

  • Reduction of the packaging cost
  • Lighter packaging, waste reduction and diminution of the ecotax
  • Innovative solution, a product different from the competitors’
  • Customization with respecting the marketing identity
  • No transformation on the production lines. No loss of yield
  • Product’s integrity guaranteed until full consumption.
  • Secured first opening thanks to tramper evidence and the hermetic cut lid