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Up’n Bag Solution

The traditional and famous “wipe” opening solution. A food packaging label put on the plastic film under which a cut is made to always open on the same area  limited by a hinge. All forms are possible and adapted to the contained products.  It is a safe value for the doypack packaging.

Up’n Bag Clic Solution

The “wipe” opening and reclosing solution revisided by Etik Ouest for more confort or to pollute less the adhesive for the pulverulent products. Thanks to a thicker material and an adapted cut the food packaging label stays really opened without having to hold it, to keep free hands…

Up’n Maxi® Solution 

This system opening allows to generate an opening with the shape and the size that you choose. It is enough to pull downwards the food packaging label to open the bag until the weld. The Up’ n Maxi solution provides the possibility of taking or of pouring food. It leaves no residue when the bag is empty. It closes and opens any time until the bag is finished.

Up’n Moving Bag® Solution 

Do you look for a flexible, reclosable packaging? Up’n Moving Bag is the solution! From the first use the food packaging label generates a cut adapted to the gripping or to the pouring of the contained product. Thanks to an adhesive system put down around the cut you only have to bend the bag over to reclose it again… That’s very simple!