Up’n Rain® Solution 

Up’n Rain fits on :

  • JAR
  • TRAY

Solution :

Up’n Rain, simple and intuitive as a saltshaker, one simple gesture to open, use and reclose many times ! The system gives various pouring flows, so gives various possibilities to pour different sizes more or less quickly. It is placed on the lidding film or on the packing film. This solution exits in the « clic » version, with a self locking hinge to keep the open position to pour or sprinkle without any pollution of the adhesive labels.


  • Agri-food industries and other industries
  • Dry and fresh products (grainy, in pieces, fat)
  • Adapted to all kinds of jars, trays and bags


  • Convenience of the packaging
  • Preservation of content
  • Easy pouring or sprinkling
  • Easy dosing

Industrial advantages

  • Low cost solution
  • Innovative solution
  • Customization with respecting the marketing identity
  • No transformation on the production line. No loss of yield
  • Product’s integrity guaranteed until full consumption
  • Secured first opening thanks to tamper evidence and the hermetic cut of its lid