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Adhesive labels with measuring container, Dosage Solution

Etik OUEST PACKAGING / étiquette alimentaire adhésive / innovative solution

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Characteristics of the Dosage Solution

You are looking for simple and environmentally friendly labels for packaging? Etik Ouest offers you in its range, the Pods adhesive labels!

The “dosing” system is placed on the package and remains available. All you have to do is to remove the Pods label, which takes the shape of a spoon or a glass depending on the desired measurements.

This dosing principle is suitable for foodstuffs and liquid, fluid and powdery products.

The Dosage Solution can be adapted to all shapes of packaging such as drums, bags, etc.

The advantages of the Dosage Solution

The Dosage Solution fits on :


Applications :

  • Agri-food industries and other industries
  • Liquid, fluid and powdered products

Functionalities : 

  • Practicality and precision of measurement
  • Forming of the pod within 10 seconds
  • Avoid using a disposable tool and “a pollutant”
  • Multifunction system: marketing, informative, and functional

Industrial advantages :

  • Innovative solution, product differentiation to stand the competition, the attractive marketing
  • Customisation with respecting the graphic chart and the identity
  • Automatic apply as any labels
  • No transformation on the packaging line, no loss of yield
  • Reduction of the packaging weight and the waste

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